Winter Restaurant Relief Grant

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Harford County will administer the COVID-19 Winter Restaurant Relief Grant Program, providing a fixed award of $10,000 to eligible Harford County food and beverage service establishments to cover costs related to supporting and sustaining operations through the winter. These grants will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and accurate and complete applications are essential to maintaining your place in the queue. To see if your business meets the qualifications and to access the online applications, click on the icon below to learn more. 


PLEASE NOTE: Restaurant businesses MAY receive a grant allocation from the Winter Restaurant Relief Grant even if they have already received funding through federal or state programs and/or another Harford County COVID-19 Business Relief Grant program. If a restaurant business has not already applied for and/or received funding from one of our other grant allocations, please visit for more information.  

If you applied for another Harford County COVID-19 Business Relief Grant program and were deemed ineligible because your business did not meet criteria for eligibility, you may still be eligible for the Winter Restaurant Relief Program and are encouraged to apply.  Please click below to review the program criteria and frequently asked questions to determine eligibility.

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